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Welcome to Flawed Logic!

    Flawed Logic is a Sith guild on the Veeboo Lunx server that is has its focus set on both the PvP and PvE aspects of the game, we strive to dominate in PvP as well as be one of the forerunners of end-game progression. Feel free to look around the website and even apply if you'd like!    
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Eternity Vault Cleard

Amunsuu, Jan 26, 12 10:39 PM.
Last week we overcame the Puzzle Pillars and defeated the Infernal Council, we also got a few Soa attempts in but unfortunately had to call the raid due to a glitched phase 2 platform. Last night we entered a full EV confident that we could kill the first four bosses and get some attempts on Soa, but instead decided t o clear the entire Operation in a mere 3 hours! One shotting all of the bosses leading up to Soa and then defeating The Infernal One on our second attempt left us with plenty of raid time left over so we decided to go kill some world bosses. Up next, Kragga's Palace!

XRR-3 and Gahrj Down!!

Amunsuu, Jan 19, 12 2:43 AM.
Tonight was our first night of doing end-game content and as the post title says it went very well! We downed XRR-3 in 3 attempts, one attempt being cut short by 2 disconnects. Our first attempt on Gahrj was interesting as we only had 7 people in the group and still managed to get him to 8% before we hit the enrage timer, and on the second attempt we brought him down. Thanks to Chodie and Napalm for the help, we hop to see you both again soon. Soa, we are coming for you on Friday!

Guild first hard-mode!

Amunsuu, Jan 15, 12 10:54 PM.
Myslef, Bset, Sfumato, and Seraphis completed hard-mode Black Talon today, making it our first guild hard-mode to have been completed. After countless whipes and me not being able to move and getting ass-rammed by the last boss we finally finished it, and Seraphis even picked up his tier bracers. Congrats Seraphis!

Hard modes and Operations!

Amunsuu, Jan 14, 12 9:15 AM.
We WILL be starting hard mode flashpoints and level 50 operations sometime between now and Wednesday night, depending on how fast a few of our other guildies level and get some gear! For those of you that are already 50 I'd like for you to be working hard modes and looking up as much as possible on the two operations and their boss strategies, Ops date/times and groups will be posted in the near future so keep an eye out for that.
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